Sheffield girl, born and bred, with Scottish heritage and a Dutch surname! I have always had a passion for cameras since I was a little girl. Watching my granddad capture the family on old fashioned Cine film to Sony Camcorders. Our Granddad would always make it a thing that we all sit and gather to watch our family movies through time on video. That is a memory I will always cherish. Growing up I always thought i'd leave school and become an artist or work in the creative arts some way or another. But, at the age of 16, I decided to change everything, and revisited my love for cameras. I spent my savings of £600 on a Nikon d7000 and walked out of John Lewis feeling proud as punch!

Fast forward to November 2017, where I Graduated from Sheffield Hallam University with a BA Hons Degree in Photography. From then on I spent years working in education whilst always having photography on the sidelines. It was only up until the past 4 years I have been able to make being a Photographer my full time career and running my own business. I have never looked back since!


I'm fun, friendly and always up for a laugh! I'd like to think this reflects in my work too. I love capturing all things, from Love stories, families and food. especially food! But most importantly, capturing moments people with cherish for a lifetime.